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Explore - Build - Grow

The Omniverse City

Explore, Build, and Grow with our Omniverse Marketplace. Here you can find the tools to build your life, brand or experiences in Omniverse City.

All pricing is introductory and subject to future change. Once a user is subscribed to any plan during the alpha development all subscription prices will cary over to future releases of the platform.

license to grow

Our visitors are always looking for something new to explore, discover and collect. Build an experience that inspires our users to interact with your space and join your membership programs. These licenses are for leases and licensed spaces only. By reserving these licenses, you are subscribing to a monthly license which will be recurring based on final agreement. Limited Quantities available. 

  • Select and confirm your subscription for the onboarding process.
  • Use the Omniverse Explorer to reserve your unit.
  • Launch your experience and brand with a professional development team.