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We are currently in the process of ending our closed BETA. Open BETA will be launched on December 16 to our community. All costs are covered by The Omniverse City communities.


In Progress


how OMNIVERSE CITY started

The below roadmap represents the beginning of our virtual commerce journey. Our team has experience going back to the beginning of the infancy of our industry. We specialize in sourcing , logistics, manufacturing, 3D/game development, entertainment and B2B commerce development just to name a few.



Several dozen manufacturers, distributors and service providers were the first brands to embrace The Optical Metaverse. We now have a permanent showroom where opticians and optometrists can easily shop for the products and services they need for their business.

coming soon

next level lounges

Get ready for the next level of interaction with multiplayer lounge experiences and new  “in-game” adventures. We are currently in beta phase and already testing our  features for the next 3 seasons of roll outs. We are here to make sure you never get bored or come back to the same space wondering…. “Whats Next?”