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Visit The City

What can I do in virtual Times Square in The Omniverse City metaverse?

In the virtual Times Square of The Omniverse City metaverse, there are numerous activities and experiences available for users. Some popular options include:


Explore the iconic landmarks, digital billboards, and vibrant environment that recreates the atmosphere of Times Square, New York City.


Participate in casual mini-games, immersive virtual reality experiences, or join competitive gaming tournaments.


Enjoy virtual performances, concerts, and shows from a diverse range of artists and entertainers, or watch movies at a virtual cinema.


Meet and interact with users from around the world in real-time using your virtual avatar, join group activities, or attend events and parties.


Sample virtual cuisine from various restaurants and food vendors, or learn about real-world recipes and cooking techniques from virtual chefs.


Visit virtual storefronts and purchase digital or physical products from popular brands and retailers, as well as unique digital assets like NFTs, virtual clothing, and accessories for your avatar.


Connect with other users, exchange contact information, and form professional relationships in a virtual networking environment.


Personalize your virtual experience by customizing your avatar, designing your own living spaces, or creating unique digital assets to share with others.