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Pioneer License

Original price was: $1,499.99.Current price is: $799.99.

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As a Pioneer, you are not just exploring the Omniverse City; you are defining it. This premium tier includes all benefits from the Omnicorp Access, plus exclusive features for those who lead the way.


  • Omniverse Address: Establish your unique home address in The Omniverse.
  • Comprehensive Onboarding: A guided journey into the depth of the Omniverse City.
  • Payment Integration: Seamlessly integrate transaction systems for your services or products.
  • Product Showcase: Highlight your offerings in an immersive virtual environment.
  • Special Categories Access: Gain entry to exclusive areas and services in the Omniverse City.
  • Virtual Launch Party: Celebrate your entrance with a bespoke virtual event.


The Pioneer Tier is the pinnacle of Omniverse City membership, offering unparalleled tools and services for those who seek to make a significant impact.


  1. Customizable Virtual Environment & External Design and Address in Atriums Village – LIVE Hyper Local Integration
  2. Customizable Sound
  3. Interaction: Party Mode/ Summit Mode/ Quest Design
  4. Intelligence: Basic AI  + Voice Interaction – Custom TOCAI The Omniverse City AI
  5. Upgrade: Quest Integration & Co- Management (We build gamification into your space which is provided on our advertising product market for advertisers)
  6. Commerce: Bespoke- TKNYZ- Omniverse 360 Token Gating
  7. Community: House Events/ Bespoke Community Development
  8. Automation: CRM Integration & Support
  9. Agency: Affiliates / LIVE & AI Agents available 
  10. Accessibility: Onboarding Assistant


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