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Bridge The Gap

Its time to meet your audience where they are

In today's world noone stays in one place. Omniverse City members are looking for retailers who are authentic and are ready to give them a technology centric experience. Delivering this level of Augmented Reality and 3D graphics would be nearly impossible without the accessibility of the Omniverse City team building approach.

Mixed Realitycreates new profit centers

Close all of your gaps with a single solution. The Omniverse City not only provides a unique metaverse experience but it opens up so many new channels that will grow your business into new markets. When you give your audience what they want, they will reward you with loyalty and YES they will come to a physical store if you give them a reason!

digital marketing can Maximize your Reach within your market

SellSMART Not Hard is our flagship offering and it is the engine that powers hyper local marketing campaigns for opticians and optometrists who offer unique products. Commodity based products such as vision care driven programs and national brands provide their own traffic. If you want to offer unique products you need a partner in niche marketing.

stop zooming your life away 1:1000 will increase your odds

Long before the pandemic we realized that 1:1000 were much better odds than 1:1 with most Zoom calls lasting 45 minutes. If you can reach 1000 people in 45 minutes then you will increase your odds of reaching someone who is in need of what you are offering. If you are here for content- you are in LUCK! Not only are most of our streaming events free but you get to interact with the creators and learn in a much more enjoyable environment than ever before!