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Building and regulating a cross-platform economic and social ecosystem


The Omniverse City, an Unreal Engine-based pixel streaming and standalone game, aims to fulfill the promises left unmet by the “Metaverse.” Unlike its predecessors, The Omniverse City equips our community with tools for living, playing, and working in a fully connected cross-platform digital realm supported by a robust economic framework fostering creator growth.

Structured into multiple Districts and Sectors, each with distinct purposes, Omniverse City interconnects buildings with a variety of user spaces, including shops, venues, games, apartments, and experiences. As the user base expands, the city adapts and flourishes to meet the evolving needs of its inhabitants. This ongoing growth, coupled with the ability to journey to user-generated worlds and experiences, ensures a perpetually fresh landscape for exploration.

beyond the city

Within and beyond The Omniverse City lie worlds and spaces crafted by users. Every individual will have the chance to shape and craft their digital existence. Whether you’re a seasoned 3D and game developer or a small design studio with no prior 3D experience, we offer tools to assist users of all levels. From our explorer and builder tools to prefabricated elements and custom builds, creating your digital identity has never been more accessible.

The Omniverse City serves as the central nexus of our system, facilitating cross-platform accessibility. These spaces offer various options, including on-platform pixel streaming and off-platform hosting for larger games, events, and projects.

About the Tools

The potential of a vast open world hinges on the accessibility tools available to all users. Starting with our Exploration Tool, users can effortlessly navigate Omniverse City, explore available spaces, and stay updated on new events and platform updates.

Our Omniverse Building and Design tools are designed to simplify content creation to the level of playing a video game. With the Room Building tool, users can subscribe and then utilize the tool to personalize and customize their own hosted spaces. The Marketplace Creation tool empowers users to develop and distribute custom assets, ranging from clothing and decorations to accessories and digital merchandise.


Where many platforms falter, The Omniverse City excels by offering not only content creation tools but also a robust ecosystem and economic framework centered on user-friendly operation, security, and reliability. A solid business structure is essential for a stable economy; thus, Omniverse City operates on an in-game currency called OCX. OCX can be acquired within the game or through our website and serves as the primary medium of exchange for in-game transactions.

Users will not only have opportunities to earn OCX through various in-game events and subscription rewards but also to exchange and sell OCX back to the system. Creators will be empowered to utilize and market their creations, earning a livelihood and establishing themselves while contributing to the expansion and prosperity of the entire economy.

About the TEAM

The progressive development of Omniverse City is spearheaded by our talented in-house team and bolstered by the collaborative efforts of our affiliated partners. Our comprehensive offerings extend far beyond the creation of a dynamic 3D world and ecosystem; they encompass a spectrum of traditional branding, advertising, and promotional services, underpinned by decades of collective expertise across various domains, ensuring your seamless integration and flourishing within the city.

Effective communication lies at the heart of our ethos: all stakeholders can readily engage with our teams through our official Discord, Hanzin, and Social Media channels. Subscribers enjoy enhanced privileges, including exclusive access to private development channels, personalized one-on-one brand and world development consultations, and additional perks commensurate with their membership level.